August 12, 2023

BYU Wilkinson Student Center

Schedule of Events


Session 1Saturday
Saturday, August 12, 2023
Doors Open at 9:00 AM
9:00 AM  Welcome
9:01 AM  Youth Pre-Championship Smooth (W,T,F) QUARTERFINAL
9:11 AM  Elementary School - Newcomer Rhythm (CC)
9:12 AM  Adult Pre-Championship Smooth (W,T,F) SEMIFINAL
9:18 AM  Junior High School - Newcomer Rhythm (CC) SEMIFINAL
9:19 AM  Youth Pre-Championship Smooth (W,T,F) SEMIFINAL
9:24 AM  Junior High School - Newcomer Rhythm (CC) FINAL
9:26 AM  Adult Pre-Championship Smooth (W,T,F) FINAL
9:31 AM  Youth Pre-Championship Smooth (W,T,F) FINAL
9:36 PM  Awards: Elem. CC, Jr High CC, Yth PC Smooth, Adult PC Smooth
9:44 AM  Youth Smooth (W,T,F,VW) QUARTERFINAL
9:59 AM  Junior High School - Syllabus Ballroom (W) QUARTERFINAL
10:04 AM  Adult Novice Smooth (W,F) QUARTERFINAL
10:13 AM  Elementary School - Syllabus Ballroom (W)
10:14 AM  Youth Smooth (W,T,F,VW) SEMIFINAL
10:29 AM  Elementary School - Syllabus Rhythm (SW)
10:31 AM  Adult Novice Smooth (W,F) SEMIFINAL
10:39 AM  Junior High School - Syllabus Ballroom (W) SEMIFINAL
10:43 AM  Adult Novice Smooth (W,F) FINAL
10:47 AM  Junior High School - Syllabus Ballroom (W) FINAL
10:51 AM  Youth Smooth (W,T,F,VW) FINAL
Awards: Elem Sw,Elem Walt Jr. H Waltz, Adult Nov Smooth, Yth Smooth
11:11 AM  Adult Novice Latin (S,R) QUARTERFINAL
11:18 AM  Youth Pre-Championship Latin (CC,S,R) ROUND 1
11:33 AM  BYU Dance 180 - Bronze American (CC) SEMIFINAL
11:35 AM  Junior Latin (CC,S,R,PD,J) QUARTERFINAL
11:52 AM  Elementary School - Syllabus Latin (S)
11:53 AM  Youth Pre-Championship Latin (CC,S,R) ROUND 2
12:04 PM  Adult Novice Latin (S,R) SEMIFINAL
12:07 PM  BYU Dance 280 - Silver American (SW) SEMIFINAL
12:09 PM  Junior Latin (CC,S,R,PD,J) SEMIFINAL
12:17 PM  Youth Pre-Championship Latin (CC,S,R) QUARTERFINAL
12:22 PM  Adult Novice Latin (S,R) FINAL
12:26 PM  Junior Latin (CC,S,R,PD,J) FINAL
12:34 PM  BYU Dance 180 - Bronze American (CC) FINAL
12:36 PM  Youth Pre-Championship Latin (CC,S,R) SEMIFINAL
12:41 PM  BYU Dance 280 - Silver American (SW) FINAL
12:43 PM  Youth Pre-Championship Latin (CC,S,R) FINAL
Awards: 180, 280, Elem Samba, Ad Nov Latin, Yth PC Lat, Jun Lat
1:00 PM  Junior Pre-Championship Rhythm (CC,SW,M)
1:05 PM  Youth Pre-Championship Ballroom (W,T,Q) ROUND 1
1:20 PM  Pre-Teen Pre-Champ Ballroom (W,T,Q)
1:25 PM  Youth Ballroom (W,T,VW,F,Q) QUARTERFINAL
1:42 PM  BYU Dance 382 - Gold I Ballroom (T)
1:44 PM  Youth Pre-Championship Ballroom (W,T,Q) QUARTERFINAL
General Dance
1:57 PM  Youth Ballroom (W,T,VW,F,Q) SEMIFINAL
2:06 PM  BYU Dance 185 - Bronze Latin (S)
2:07 PM  Youth Pre-Championship Ballroom (W,T,Q) SEMIFINAL
2:13 PM  Pre-Teen Ballroom (W,T,VW,F,Q)
2:21 PM  BYU Dance 383 - Gold I Latin (PD) SEMIFINAL
2:23 PM  Youth Pre-Championship Ballroom (W,T,Q) FINAL
2:28 PM  BYU Dance 383 - Gold I Latin (PD) FINAL
2:30 PM  Youth Ballroom (W,T,VW,F,Q) FINAL
Awards: 185,382,383, PT & PT-PC Bllrm, Jr. PC Rhyth,Yth PC Bllrm, Yth Bllrm
2:52 PM  Adult Pre-Championship Ballroom (W,T,Q) ROUND 1
3:02 PM  Junior High School - Syllabus Latin (S) SEMIFINAL
3:04 PM  Junior Pre-Championship Latin (CC,S,R) QUARTERFINAL
3:14 PM  Adult Pre-Championship Ballroom (W,T,Q) QUARTERFINAL
3:19 PM  High School - Syllabus Latin (R)
3:21 PM  Junior High School - Syllabus Latin (S) FINAL
3:23 PM  Junior Pre-Championship Latin (CC,S,R) SEMIFINAL
3:28 PM  Adult Pre-Championship Ballroom (W,T,Q) SEMIFINAL
3:33 PM  Junior Pre-Championship Latin (CC,S,R) FINAL
3:38 PM  Adult Pre-Championship Ballroom (W,T,Q) FINAL
Awards: Jr High Samba, HS Rumba, Jr PC Latin, Ad PC Ballrm,
3:51 PM  Youth Latin (CC,S,R,PD,J) QUARTERFINAL
4:08 PM  High School - Syllabus Ballroom (Q) SEMIFINAL
4:10 PM  Pre-Teen Pre-Champ Latin (CC,S,R)
4:15 PM  Youth Latin (CC,S,R,PD,J) SEMIFINAL
4:23 PM  High School - Syllabus Ballroom (Q) FINAL
4:25 PM  Pre-Teen Latin (CC,S,R,PD,J)
4:34 PM  Youth Latin (CC,S,R,PD,J) FINAL
Awards: HS Quick,PTeen-PC Latin,PreT Latin,Youth Latin
4:50 PM  Adult Pre-Championship Latin (CC,S,R) ROUND 1
5:05 PM  Junior Pre-Championship Ballroom (W,T,Q) QUARTERFINAL
5:10 PM  High School - Newcomer Rhythm (CC) SEMIFINAL
5:12 PM  Adult Pre-Championship Latin (CC,S,R) QUARTERFINAL
5:22 PM  Junior Pre-Championship Ballroom (W,T,Q) SEMIFINAL
5:27 PM  High School - Newcomer Rhythm (CC) FINAL
5:29 PM  Adult Pre-Championship Latin (CC,S,R) SEMIFINAL
5:34 PM  Junior Pre-Championship Ballroom (W,T,Q) FINAL
5:39 PM  Adult Pre-Championship Latin (CC,S,R) FINAL
5:44 PM  Awards: HS Cha Cha, Jr PC Bllrm, Adult PC Latin
5:50 PM  Dinner Break
6:40 PM  Welcome Back
6:41 PM  Adult Novice Ballroom (W,Q) QUARTERFINAL
6:48 PM  Junior Smooth (W,T,F,VW) SEMIFINAL
6:58 PM  Adult Amateur Cabaret Championship (CA)
7:08 PM  Adult Novice Ballroom (W,Q) SEMIFINAL
7:13 PM  Junior Smooth (W,T,F,VW) FINAL
7:20 PM  Adult Amateur Ballroom Championship (W,T,VW,F,Q)
7:28 PM  West Coast Swing
7:30 PM  Adult Novice Ballroom (W,Q) FINAL
7:34 PM  Awards: Jr. Smooth, Adult NovBllrm, Cabaret, Am Bllrm
7:42 PM  Adult Pre-Championship Rhythm (CC,B,M)
7:47 PM  Junior Pre-Championship Smooth (W,T,F) SEMIFINAL
7:52 PM  Adult Amateur Rhythm Championship (CC,R,SW,B,M)
8:00 PM  Junior Pre-Championship Smooth (W,T,F) FINAL
8:05 PM  Adult Amateur Smooth Championship (W,T,F,VW)
8:12 PM   
Awards: Adult PC Rhythm, Jr. PC Smooth, Amateur Rhythm, Amateur Smooth
8:20 PM  General Dance
8:23 PM  Junior Ballroom (W,T,VW,F,Q) QUARTERFINAL (15 entries)
8:37 PM  Adult Amateur Latin Championship (CC,S,R,PD,J) SEMIFINAL
8:45 PM  Junior Ballroom (W,T,VW,F,Q) SEMIFINAL
8:54 PM  Adult Amateur Latin Championship (CC,S,R,PD,J) FINAL
9:03 PM  Junior Ballroom (W,T,VW,F,Q) FINAL
9:11 PM  Awards: Jr Ballroom, Amateur Latin
9:15 PM   
End of Competition