August 10, 2024

BYU Wilkinson Student Center

Rules & Regulations
This event is authorized by the National Dance Council of America, Inc to use NDCA officials.
1. This event is approved by the National Dance Council of America, Inc. as an "All-Amateur Event", and is authorized to use NDCA officials.  NDCA rules and regulations will be followed for this event with the following exception: Competitors are not required to be registered/licensed with the NDCA since this event is authorized, but not sanctioned,
2. All competitors must purchase an admission ticket for each day that they compete. Entry fees are additional.
3. No entry may be accepted that does not include any required entry fee. Requests for refunds will only be honored up to the closing date.
4. All competitors are required to check in with the competition registrar at least one hour in advance of their scheduled time to dance.
5. All competitors are required to be in the on-deck area at least 30 minutes in advance of their scheduled time to dance.
6. Competitors will be allowed to dance no more than three events in any given style, including if they dance up to another age category.
7. All Pre-Teen, and School Syllabus competitions are restricted to the syllabi listed in Appendix I of the NDCA rule book. American style events are limited to the bronze and silver American Style figures, elements and restrictions. International style events are limited to the bronze, silver, and gold International Style figures.
8. "Newcomer" competitors remain eligible for this category until they have placed in a final of any event in their age classification at the BYU competitions in November and March, provided a semi-final was danced. Competitors who lose their eligibility will become eligible once again when they move up to the next age level.
9. "Newcomer" competitors may not also enter any "open" events in any style.
10. Competitors entered in "School Syllabus" events may not enter "open" events in the same style.
11. Elementary School competitors may dance up into the Junior High School category. Junior High School competitors may dance up into the High School category. Elementary School competitors may not dance up into the High School category.  Competitors in these categories may not dance down to a category lower than their school category.
12. Pre-Teen, Junior, and Youth competitors may not compete in any "School Syllabus" event in the same style.
13. Age classifications that appear in the NDCA rule book will be followed for the BYU Summer Dancesport Challenge.
14. Proof of age may be required by the organizers in the event of a question regarding the age of a Pre-Teen, Junior, or Youth competitor.
15. Competitors in the Latin-American divisions must not be overly suggestive in their movements at all times while on the floor. Couples who are viewed as inappropriate will be warned once, and then will be subject to disqualification.
16. Any competitor who wears a costume deemed by the organizers to be unsuitable will be requested to change. If such request is not followed, the competitor will not be allowed to dance and their entry will be canceled. Specific costume rules are listed separately.
17. TELEVISION AND LOSS RELEASE: "In consideration of all goods and valuables, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the undersigned hereby irrevocably give and grant to Brigham Young University, Inc. the right to use, refer to and reproduce programs by means of video tape recordings (Hereinafter referred to as "Reproductions"), edited and arranged as you desire, using my name, voice, likeness, acts, poses, appearances and utterances as part of and in connection with my appearance on any program, and in any advertising, publicity and promotion relation to your activities, the program and the products or serviced of any sponsor(s) thereof; and to exhibit, transmit, distribute, and otherwise use same as you desire in all fields and media throughout the world without limitations. We agree that Brigham Young University, and any of their affiliates, subsidiaries and employees shall be free of any liability or claims arising from the production, exhibition, transmission, distribution or use of said programs. All reproductions shall be your sole and exclusive property. We hereby forever release and discharge you of any and all liabilities, claims and demands, suit and actions which we ever had, now have, or may have based upon any agreements herein made. We shall defend, indemnify and hold you harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, losses, suits and expenses relating to this agreement. We agree that we have not and shall not accept any money or other valuable consideration for the inclusion in the program of any matter promoting any product or service. This agreement is intended, among other things, to fulfill all requirements of the Civil Rights Law and of any and all other restrictions against violations of our so-called right of privacy. The terms "you and your" and words of similar import, as herein used shall include you and your officers, directors, licensees, lessees, assigns, successors, affiliates, associates, subsidiaries and parents, and all other users of the reproductions, and their employees. We warrant that we are over eighteen (18) years of age, or are the parents of pre-teen, junior or youth competitors, and have full right, power and authority to make this agreement. We understand that in permitting us to appear on the program, you are acting in reliance upon this agreement." "No responsibility for loss or theft of articles left in Changing Rooms, Ballrooms or Hotel Rooms can be accepted by the Organizers, and neither can they be held liable for injury sustained by persons attending this event. Everyone attending does so at his or her own risk." "All persons attending this event, whether as spectators, competitors, officials, or guests of the organizer, shall be bound by the printed rules, and by participating in this event automatically become obligated to adhere to them."