August 12, 2023

BYU Wilkinson Student Center

Costume Specifications for Adult Amateur, Youth, and Junior
Below are the costume specifications for all amateur costumed events. No entry will be considered fully accepted without final costume approval. All Adult Amateur, Youth, and Junior costumes must be approved no later than two hours before their event. Please contact Sharon Holman with any questions. Competitors may email photos of their costumes in advance to Sharon if they wish at
1. Each shoulder must use one of the following options
    a. cover the shoulder with fabric or decoration
    b. a minimum of a 1/2 inch strap over the shoulder
2. Flesh-tone fabrics require rhinestones or similar decorations that do not reveal the skin or create a similar effect
1. Bust must be fully covered with no plunging necklines
2. Front and sides of the bodice must be covered with a fabric or decoration that does not reveal the skin or create a similar effect
3. Fabric for the bodice must lay no more than 3 inches below the crease of the armpit
4. Open backs must taper "inward" at a minimum from a point no lower than the back of the armpit crease to no lower than three inches above the waistline
5. Halter tops are not acceptable without shoulder straps or sleeves
1. No shorter than mid-thigh
2. No transparent fabric above mid-thigh for the Latin and Rhythm styles
3. May be broken or slitted from the trunk line down, but must cover the legs when not in motion
4. Fringe must lay no higher than mid-thigh in the front, back, and sides of the skirt when standing still
1. Regular cut dance trunks (no flesh tone fabric)
2. Fishnets must be worn for the Latin, Rhythm and Smooth divisions
1. Front of shirts must be of a non-transparent fabric
2. Latin shirts may be open to bottom of the sternum