August 7, 2020
BYU Wilkinson Student Center
Rules & Regulations

The 2020 BYU Summer Dancesport Challenge is authorized by the NDCA. We abide by rules and regulations governing competitions and championships recognized by the National Dance Council of America, Inc. Some of the NDCA rules that directly apply to amateur competitors, along with additional rules applied by the organizer follow:

1. All Competitors must have an admission ticket for the day.

2. No person  may compete in an age classification lower than their own.

Age Classification for Open Events

Age classifications become effective on the individual's birthday. On a year where a competitor is going to move from one classification to the next, they may make this change anytime during a sixty day period that begins thirty days prior to their birthday and ends thirty days following their birthday.

  • Junior: 12,13,14,15 in 2020
  • Youth: 16,17,18 in 2020
  • Adult:  19 or greater in 2020

Age Classification for Syllabus Events

The following designations will be used for the syllabus categories: (classification is based upon the 2017-18 (academic year)

  • Elementary School: K - 6th
  • Junior High School: 7th - 9th
  • High School: 10th - 12th

Elementary school competitors may dance up into the Junior High School Category.

Junior High school competitors may dance up one designation to the "High School" category, but only as defined in entry restrictions below.

Elementary school competitors may not dance in the High School category even if partnered by a Junior High competitor.

Entry Restrictions

  • Competitors who dance in a syllabus event may not dance in any open event of the same style.
  • Competitors may dance up one age classification only in each competition style
  • Competitors will be allowed to dance no more then two events in any given style, including if they dance up to another age category

A competitor is eligible to dance in the "Syllabus", "Novice", or "Pre-championship"  classifications until they accumulate three proficiency points, proficiency points are earned at NDCA sanctioned events.  Point accumulation will be adhered to when accepting entries,  however, since this is not an NDCA sanctioned event there will be no points earned based on the results of this competitions. 

Point Accumulation

  • A competitor receives one point when they either a) place first in their current classification when a quarter-final was danced, or b) dance in the final of a higher proficiency event where a quarter-final was danced.
  • The eligibility to compete in a classification is applied to individual competitors and not as a couple.
  • A couple is only eligible to compete in a classification if both members of the couple are eligible.
  • A competitor’s eligibility is based on his/her accomplishments regardless of the number or length of partnerships.
  • It is the responsibility of all competitors to ensure that they are eligible for all categories entered.
  • A competitor may enter at most two consecutive proficiency classifications in any particular style and age group.
  • A competitor's ineligibility begins at the conclusion of the competition in which his/her third point was acquired. In this case the word "competition" refers to the entire event.

All syllabus competitions are restricted to the syllabi listed in Appendix I of the NDCA rule book. American style newcomer & syllabus events are limited to the bronze and silver American Style figures, elements and restrictions. International style syllabus events are limited to the bronze, silver, and gold International Style figures.

All competitors are required to check in with the competition registrar at least one hour in advance of their scheduled time to dance.

All competitors are required to be in the on-deck area at least 30 minutes in advance of their scheduled time to dance.

Any competitor who wears a costume deemed by the organizers to be unsuitable will be requested to change. If such request is not followed, the competitor will not be allowed to dance and their entry will be canceled without a refund of fees.

Competitors in the Latin-American divisions must not be overly suggestive in their movements at all times while on the floor. Couples who are viewed as inappropriate will be warned once, and then will be subject to disqualification.

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